Hi! I’m Jess and I am a planner.

I like day dreaming and then making those dreams happen. I’m always formulating some big plan. If I don’t have something in the works, I feel lost and depressed. This part of my personality is what carried me way out of my comfort zone into Spain for a semester during college. It is what possessed me to sell everything I couldn’t fit into my Volkswagen Passat and move with my boyfriend to Denver, Colorado, where I knew no one, and had no job lined up. In fact, I had never even stepped foot in Colorado before. And, of course, this part of me is what drove me to quit my cushy job (literally, I worked from my couch in sweatpants) to travel in South America for four months, alone.

As a person who enjoys planning, naturally I researched a lot in the months leading up to my trip; i.e. I read all the blogs I could find. This left me with a good idea of where I wanted to go and how much money, time, etc. I would need going in. To me, this amount of research seemed compulsory. In the weeks leading up to my trip, I fretted many times about whether I was prepared, which begged an even bigger question—how do I know if I’m prepared? There was no test or checklist to tell me this!

Needless to say, I was surprised when I started meeting people during my trip who had done next to no research before their travels. These people were operating with zero plan. They had no idea what their next destination was and based all of their decisions on recommendations from fellow travelers.

This blog isn’t for those people. While I admire their ability to live in the present moment, I could never do that. Besides, I think the research and planning are all a part of the fun!

This blog is for the people more like me.

However, all backpackers use recommendations from other travels. So, you can pretend I’m sitting on the worn-in couch next to you, or perhaps laying on one of the beds in your 8-bed dorm, giving you advice on your next destination. Because not long ago, I was that person, I just happened to publish my advice on the internet, too.

Thanks for reading!



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